Hunger in the United States Makes No Sense

40% of our food supply is thrown away yet more than 50 million Americans go hungry each year.

Our Innovative Model

RescueOur award-winning mobile technology means scheduling a food rescue is as easy as a tap on your phone

DeliverDelivering the rescued food directly to those who need it enables us to provide fresh, healthy foods like fruits and vegetables

FeedSince volunteers do the deliveries, we can provide as much food as possible to those who need it at no added cost

Who makes it happen…

Food Donors

Restaurants, grocers, caterers and other food providers who donate surplus food to those in need

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Food Runners

Local volunteers who rescue the surplus food from Food Donors and deliver it to local Receiving Agencies

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Receiving Agencies

Community soup kitchens, food pantries, and other local agencies that distribute meals to food insecure families

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New Haven, CT

Columbus, OH

Albuquerque, NM

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MACC Charities, Manchester, CT

MACC Charities - Manchester, CT

La Soupe, Cincinnati, OH

La Soupe - Cincinnati, OH

Campus Dining at UND, South Bend, IN

Point 72 Food Rescue, Stamford, CT

Washington, DC